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The Wind will change their hearts. The Road will change his direction. The Way will change the world. And the Order of the Seven will change the future for believers while the Enemy seeks their crushing defeat.

The events of Acts 1-18 come to life as God’s faithful animal team faces a dark, pagan world riddled with false gods, arranges crucial introductions, assists with jail-breaks, and plans risky escapes while overseeing the writing of a New Testament that will inspire and guide believers for centuries to come. Watch the miraculous rise of the Church through the fiery trials sent by an Enemy who will stop at nothing to kill anyone who dares to be called Christian. 

What Advance Readers are saying about The Wind, the Road, and the Way:

My son absolutely loves Max and Liz, and I love the way their tales bring the Bible to life. Following the disciples as they faced trials and persecution was fascinating. Some parts were a little tough to read because it broke my heart, but Jenny has a way of showing how even the worst situations are all part of God’s perfect plan. This book was a great reminder that God is in control no matter what. I love reading Jenny’s books to my six-year-old son. His knowledge of the Bible and his thirst to know more amazes me, and I owe it all to Max and Liz. Thanks so much Jenny! You have truly been given a gift and we are so glad you are using your talent to further God’s kingdom.
-Ashley Rhodes, Mom to Alex, 6, Gordonville Elementary, Gordonville, MO
Incredible! Jenny L.Cote has truly outdone herself with this book. I love how it explains the deep areas of the Bible that I had difficulty understanding before. This story has everything you could ask for: humor, adventure, suspense, fantasy, and most importantly the Gospel. I was very excited that this book is about Acts, which I am studying in school.
-Isabel DeSanno, 11, Faith Academy, Victoria, TX
It wasn’t until I read this book that the reality of the apostles’ missions, especially Paul’s, became clear to me. The dialogue, descriptions, and Mrs. Cote’s writing style make this AMAZING series something worth reading. I hope that you, the reader, find this book as thought-provoking and interesting as I did as you read about God’s love, the apostles’ faith, and the perfection of God’s will. You truly are an effective and inspiring writer, Mrs. Cote. I simply can't wait for the next one! 
-Lily Calhoun, 13, Homeschooled, Atlanta, GA
This fifth book by Jenny L. Cote continues the saga of Max, Liz, and their friends, as the animals journey with Paul, Peter, and other leaders of the early church. Filled with scriptural insights and fresh views on old stories, Jenny L. Cote makes the stories in the book of Acts come to life. 
-David Sampson, 17, Homeschooled, Canterbury, New Zealand

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Epic Order of the Seven Series

The Epic Order of the Seven™ series follows the prequel adventures of The Amazing Tales of Max and Liz®. In Book One: The Prophet, the Shepherd, and the Star, Max, Liz and the gang have their most important mission yet: preparing for the birth of the promised Messiah. Their seven-hundred year mission takes them to the lives of Isaiah, Daniel and those in the Christmas story. In Book Two: The Roman, the Twelve, and the King, the Order of the Seven is with Jesus throughout his childhood, ministry, passion and resurrection. The story of Christ is told as a story within a story: as George F. Handel writes the greatest music to ever be written in London 1741—Messiah.

Upcoming Books in the Series:

Books Three and Four: The Wind, the Road, and the Way  (2014) and The Fire, the Revelation, and the Fall (2015). These heart-gripping, action-packed adventures are a two-book saga that brings to life the events of Acts and the birth of Christianity while showing how each book of the New Testament came to be. The Wind, the Road, and the Way covers Resurrection morning through Paul’s second missionary journey. The Fire, the Revelation and the Fall completes the events in Acts, Peter and Paul in Rome, Roman Christian persecution in the arena and John’s Revelation on Patmos. Watch the miraculous rise of the Church through the fiery trials sent by an Enemy who will stop at nothing to kill anyone who dares to be called Christian. 

Book Five: The Voice, the Revolution, and the Jewel The life and times of Patrick Henry and the Revolutionary War as this great patriot embarks on leading the charge to American Independence and the birth of a new nation. (2016)
Book Five: The Professor, the War, and the Muse C.S. Lewis comes to life in this story where the incredible saga of Narnia first begins. Following Lewis through his childhood struggles and spiritual doubts up to his life as an Oxford don, the team enters the dark days of WWII, and Lewis becomes the voice to rally a nation to victory. (2017)

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The Amazing Tales of Max and Liz Series

The Amazing Tales of Max and Liz is a two-book prequel series that begins the adventures of brave Scottie Dog Max and intelligent French black cat Liz who meet on the way to Noah's ark. In book one, The Ark, the Reed, and the Fire Cloud, Max and Liz save the day from a stowaway aboard the Ark, and are chosen by the Maker to save the day again through pivotal points in history. In book two, The Dreamer, the Schemer, and the Robe, they work behind the scenes of Joseph and pick up a new team member, Nigel P. Monaco, a British mouse. This series leads up to the Epic Order of the Seven series where their team is complete and renamed in the third book in the continuing adventures, The Prophet, the Shepherd, and the Star. Read more on the Books page!

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